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Basic dyes of Use

Basic dye is a stain that is cationic (+ ve charged) and so will react with material that is (-ve) negatively charged. The cytoplasm of all bacterial cells have a slight negative charge when grown in a medium of near neutral pH and will therefore attract and bind with basic dyes. Some examples of basic dyes are crystal violet, safranin, basic fuchsin and methylene blue. It’s applied to wool, silk, cotton and modified acrylic fibres. Usually acetic acid is added to the dyebath to help the take up of the dye onto the fibre. Basic dyes are also used in the coloration of paper.

Basic dye is a class of dyes, usually synthetic, that act as bases, and which are actually aniline dyes. Their color base is not water soluble but can be made so by converting the base into a salt. The basic dyes, while possessing great tinctorial strength and brightness, are not generally light-fast; therefore their use in the dyeing of archival materials is largely restricted to those materials not requiring this characteristic. Basic dyes were at one time used extensively in dyeing leather, mainly because they are capable of combining directly with vegetable-tanned leather without the use of a mordant. Basic dyes show virtually no migration in acrylic fibers under normal dyeing conditions, compatibility is of major importance in selecting dye combinations with optimum level dyeing behavior.

our basic dyes are as follows:

Rhodamine B extra 540%

Chrysoidine Crystals

Malachite green cerystal 100%

Methyl violet crystal 100%

Basic Methylene Blue BB 100%

Basic Victroria Blue BO

Auramine O Conc

Bismark Brown

Basic Rhodamine 6GDN