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Direct dyes of Usage
Direct Dyes are very commonly used in the Textile Industries. Direct Dyes are also being used for Leather as well as Paper.

Direct Dyes are water soluble substantive dyes. Direct Dyes cover the entire shade gamut and are easy to apply. They have good leveling property and are cost effective. 

Direct Dyes for cellulosics possess excellent light fastness properties. Certain dyestuffs within this range are suitable for high-temperature dyeing of cellulosic/polyester blends. 

In general, they may be applied on cotton by any method and most of the dyes in the range are even suitable for package dyeing of cotton yarn. Direct Dyes can also be used to dye jute and coir.

Our Direct dyes are as follows:

Direct Yellow G (direct yellow 12)
Direct Yellow R (direct yellow 11)
Direct Orange S (direct orange 26)
Direct Red 12B (direct red 31)
Direct Red 4BE (direct red 28)
Direct Bordeaux GB (direct red 13)
Direct Fast Bordeaux (direct red 23)

Direct Violet RL (direct violet 3)
Direct Copper Blue 2R (direct blue 151)
Direct Sky blue 5B (direct blue 15)
Direct light green
Direct Green BE (direct green 6)

Direct Brown MM 
Direct brown RN

Direct sky blue 5B
Direct copper blue 2B

Direct Black EX (direct black 38)
Direct black G (direct black 19)
Direct Fast Black VSF 600% (direct black 22)

Direct Fast Yellow PG (direct yellow 142)
Direct Fast Yellow 5GL (direct yellow 27)
Direct Fast Yellow RS (direct yellow 50)

Direct Fast Turq Blue FBL (direct blue 199)
Direct Fast Turq blue GL (direct blue 86)
Direct Fast Blue B2RL (direct blue 71)